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Hello! Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Chengli Instrument Co., Ltd., we will be happy to help you! About honestyChengli productsOnline messageSitemap
  • R\u0026D
  • Customization
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Non-standard customization Product recommendation

Non-standard custom products recommended

Product Description:

Stand-type automatic image measuring instrument One of the "SMU Chengli" brand series products. At the same time, the company also customizes the non-standard equipment for customers, and customizes the measuring equipment according to the customer"s products to meet the customer"s measurement technology requirements, thus achieving measurement efficiency and improving efficiency...

What kind of instrument company
would you choose

What instrument companies do you choose

  • The company has a large number of R\u0026D and customized talents to meet the non-standard customization needs of customers No physical factory production, getting goods from other manufacturers, can not meet customer needs
  • Products are ISO:9001 certified, fully customized to international requirements, quality guaranteed There is no standard for production equipment, no quality inspection team, the product will not be ignored after leaving the factory
  • Professional product after-sales team, solve all your problems online 24 hours a day No customer service team, the instrument does not know who to solve the problem
R\u0026D, production, non-standard customization, transformation of secondary image measuring instrument

Dongguan Chengli Instrument Co., Ltd.

Mainly develop optical machine vision lenses, series lasers, laser optical systems, photoelectric sensors and detectors
Chengli 4 great advantages

Selection is a kind of wisdom, non-standard custom instruments are not expensive!

Tailor-made products for your non-standard products!
Customized, product diversification 01
Chengli independently develops non-standard products. The main series of products include: microscope XTL400, continuous zoom lens, continuous zoom telecentric lens, fixed multiple telecentric lens, industrial microscope, 3D microscope, etc.;
Factory direct sales, original quality 02
In 2011, the company was formally established. After five years of hard work, it has been directly recognized by thousands of customers in terms of service and quality. At the same time, it has an optical factory located in Guilin, Guangxi, to ensure the original research and development, customization and production direct sales.
hui Talent 03

The talent is good, the products and services provided for you are good!

Having a large number of industry technology research and development custom talents, constantly introducing advanced development equipment, perfect non-standard customization;

The company has a professional quality inspection team, product quality is guaranteed; stable performance and low failure rate.

Customer Service System Service 04

The professional services team will assure you that you can solve the problem or issue a solution within 24 hours;

The company has strictly complied with the ISO quality management system to improve the products since the establishment of the company;

7*24 hours online customer service 24 hours a day, 2 hours fast response.

Dongguan Chengli Instrument Co., Ltd.
R\u0026D, production, non-standard customization, transformation of secondary image measuring instrument

Instrument products are used in electronics, hardware, circuit boards, FPC soft boards, molds, terminals, connectors, etc....

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Strong strength gives you quality assurance

A solid strength to your quality assurance

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